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Each piece of barnwood tells a story—of where it was grown, where it’s been, and how it helped the farm. Bring that history and charm into your home with reclaimed barnwood in Northern Colorado. Every piece of our top-tier reclaimed barnwood is unique with its own beautiful coloring and grain, meaning you don’t have to worry about anyone else having the same décor as you. The reclaimed wood creates a style as unique as your home.

We’ll help you give this historic wood new life in any area of your home, from mantels and shelving to barnwood accent walls and hand-hewn beams. Our reclaimed barnwood can be used throughout the home to add architectural interests and create a show-stopping masterpiece.

Reclaimed Barnwood

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Our barnwood is crafted with the top most quality and will add a natural and unique look to any project.

Each unique piece of reclaimed barnwood has a story to tell. There’s nothing like reclaimed barnwood when it comes to adding unique style, texture, and personality to a space. Our high-quality barnwood is sourced and milled from historic barns across Colorado and North America. Each piece has been naturally aged and developed a warm patina from up to 110 years of use and wear. That character and detail is visible in each unique piece and create a look that only comes from historic reclaimed wood.

With barnwood, the possibilities are endless. The versatility of these unique wood pieces adds warmth and style to any project—from a handcrafted shelf or piece of furniture to a homemade sign or art piece. Let your creativity run wild with beautiful barnwood pieces. Barnwood is an eco-friendly way to breathe new life into existing wood and create something new that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

At Woodland Home Marketplace, we accept only the highest quality barnwood. Don’t sacrifice quality in the name of history from other barnwood suppliers—our selection provides the best of both worlds with naturally aged wood that is durable and sturdy. No matter how they are used, these pieces will stand the test of time and serve as the perfect material for your creations. Shop our collection for the perfect piece of barnwood for your next project. And check back often—the selection is always changing, and you never know when inspiration will strike!

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