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Telluride’s Finest in Hand-Hewn Beams & Wood Accents

Our hand-hewn beams and wood pieces are more than just materials; they are artifacts of history and craftsmanship. Sourced from historical buildings, each beam and accent carries with it stories of a bygone era, reflecting the endurance and beauty of traditional woodworking techniques. The distinctive axe and adze marks on these pieces are not just details; they are symbols of the artisan’s skill and dedication to their craft.
Our hand-hewn wood accents and beams are perfect for adding a touch of organic elegance to your home. These pieces are incredibly versatile, serving as stunning fireplace mantels, robust architectural beams, or unique decorative elements that add character and warmth to your interior spaces.

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Wood Accents and Beams

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Explore the Wonders of Hand-Hewn Wood

We warmly invite you to visit Woodland Home in Colorado to explore the enchanting world of hand-hewn wood. Experience first-hand the quality and beauty of our beams and accents, and discover how they can elevate your living space. Let us help you bring a piece of history into your home, creating a unique atmosphere that reflects the majestic beauty of Telluride, Colorado.

It’s the little details that truly make a house feel like a home, and our barnwood home accents are designed to do just that. Picture frames, mirrors, wall art, and more – all crafted from reclaimed barnwood – add unique touches to your decor, infusing it with warmth and personality.

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Why Choose Reclaimed Barnwood For Your Telluride Colorado Location?

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