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Our stunning collection of hand-hewn beams and timbers add a beautiful rustic touch to any home by adding architectural details and texture. Each beam has been beautifully aged and then shaped by hand into a sturdy timber or beam to showcase its character and unique features. If these walls could talk, they would share the history of where the wood has been and showcase the special feature for your home.

Hand-hewn beams and timbers can be used throughout the house. No matter the age or style of your home, adding beams to the walls or ceiling as a support beam or decorative element transforms the space into a rustic and modern creation. Our beams and timbers are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

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For an instant rustic upgrade, add our stunning hand-hewn timbers and beams to any area of your home.

Nothing says rustic design more than large-scale timbers and beams. These beautiful pieces can instantly transform a space with timeless style. And because our hand-hewn beams can be customized in size and color, they also add a beautiful element to other décor styles, including modern, traditional, and industrial homes. Adding exposed wood takes the style up a level with visual interest and texture and creates a beautiful impact in any home.

Our timbers and beams are sourced from the best lumber mills across Colorado. Each one has been naturally aged and hand-hewn to the right size and shape. Our work is done by hand, which means each piece has unique details that add character and interest. Hand-hewn beams aren’t just regular 2x4s—these are unique wood pieces that tell a story.

Hand-hewn timbers and beams can be used in many places around the home to create a look that is special to your home. Create a statement with a series of timbers across the ceiling, add a vertical support beam to lift a load-bearing wall, or even use the beams as shelving, mantels, or light fixtures—the possibilities are endless. These beams are as sturdy as they are beautiful and provide structural integrity along with style. We’ll help you find the perfect beams for your project and design and install the wood that will transform your home into a rustic and timeless work of art.

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